Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaidi Environmental Protection) is a high-tech environmental protection engineering company established on the basis of integrating the high-quality resources of flue gas desulfurization business of the former Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co., Ltd. Founded in June 200, the company is registered in Donghu New Technology Development Zone with a registered capital of 200 million yuan.

Kaidi Environmental Protection provides the overall solution of air pollution control, including system design, equipment set, engineering construction, commissioning and operation, maintenance and management of environmental services contracting and environmental management franchise mode, and provides the overall solution of solid waste and water pollution.

Through technology introduction and independent research and development, the company has internal recirculating circulating fluidized bed (RCFB) dry flue gas desulfurization technology, NID dry flue gas desulfurization technology, wet limestone-gypsum flue gas desulfurization technology, ammonia desulfurization technology, seawater desulfurization technology, magnesium desulfurization, high efficiency and high concentration electrostatic precipitation and bag dust removal technology, wetness. Electrostatic precipitation technology, flue gas denitrification technology, integrated ultra-low emission technology of desulfurization and dust removal, regenerative thermal (catalytic) oxidation (RTO/RCO) VOCs treatment technology, flue gas whitening technology, blast furnace slag flushing water exhaust gas whitening technology.

The company has Grade A qualification of environmental engineering design, Grade 1 of professional contract of construction environmental protection engineering, safety production license, consultation qualification of ecological construction and environmental engineering, AAA qualification certificate, high-tech enterprise certificate. Hubei Innovative Enterprise Certificate, Quality Management System Certificate, Environmental Management System Certificate, post The certificate of health and safety management system certificate and contract management right certificate of foreign projects have also been awarded the honor of national excellent high-tech enterprises, with a number of invention patents in the field of atmospheric control, scientific and technological achievements have been awarded provincial and municipal prizes for scientific and technological progress for many times, and has undertaken 863 national scientific research projects.

Kaidi Environmental Protection and its predecessor, Kaidi Electric Power, is the earliest company engaged in air pollution control business in China. Up to now, the total installed capacity and total number of projects completed by the company are among the top. Relying on its own technical advantages and engineering implementation capabilities, the company has also achieved fruitful results in the overseas market. It is the first engineering company in China to achieve overseas desulfurization projects, and also the company with the largest overseas project performance.

We have the first-class engineering, technology, management, R&D professional team in China. We have outstanding R&D strength in the field of power environmental protection, strong human resources reserves, leading market share, and many achievements in project implementation. We have significant leading advantages in the same industry. For many years, it has been recognized by China Environmental Protection Industry Association as "the backbone enterprise of China's environmental protection industry", and is one of the compilation units of national industry standards.

We focus on the implementation of high-quality projects in accordance with the international advanced project management model, and strive to repay our customers. We are willing to work with friends from all walks of life to build the first brand of world-class electric power environmental protection enterprises with first-class technology and management, to reappear the blue water and sky, and to benefit mankind.