Prevention of Risks, Elimination of Hidden Dangers and Repression of Accidents--Kaidi Electric Power Environmental Protection Company's "Safety Month" Event of Long Source Thermoelectric Power

On June 12, 2019, in response to the call of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and curbing accidents" for the 18th safe production month in China, the Changyuan Thermal Power Project Department of Kaidi Electric Power Environmental Protection Company organized a "safe month" activity for subcontractors, in which safety education was given to subcontractors'constructors and how to educate them on risk identification. At the end of the campaign, the participants signed the banner to represent their determination to do a good job in the "Safety Month" campaign.

Through the "Safety Month" activities, the safety awareness of the construction personnel is enhanced, the ability of the construction personnel to guard against safety risks is improved, the hidden dangers of accidents are eliminated, and the occurrence of safety accidents is curbed.



he leader of the project department has carried out safety education for the construction personnel, explaining how to analyze the safety risks in the work, how to carry out risk prevention, and how to achieve "four no harm" in the work.



The use of fire extinguishers, the use of heat-proof and cooling medicines and how to put out the initial fire were explained to the constructors.




nvite the leaders of Changyuan Thermal and Electric Safety Ring Department to give important instructions.


Safety assurance by the representative of the construction party


Representatives of construction personnel will explain how to guard against safety risks in their work with their own experience.


At the end of the activity, each construction worker signs his own name on the safety slogan to represent his determination to do a good job in safety production.



Safety Month Active Banner Suspension