Deep FGD Technology

Technical Introduction

The application of KDPE generation II high-efficiency desulfurization and dust removal tray tower technology can greatly improve the mass transfer effect of gas-liquid-solid three-phase flow. The core components such as single tray, double tray and special-shaped tray are used to enhance the gas-liquid mass transfer effect and optimize the flue gas field in the absorption tower. While achieving high-efficiency desulfurization, the liquid-gas ratio is greatly reduced and the energy-saving effect is achieved. 

For medium and low sulphur coal, SO concentration at single tower outlet can be less than 35mg/Nm3.

For medium and high sulphur coal, please refer to the technology introduction for the ultra-low emission control technology.

Main Advantages

+ The emission reduction effect is obvious, the capacity enhancement is outstanding, and the pallet can achieve up to 20% emission reduction and 200% efficiency improvement.

+ The energy consumption is lower than that of traditional efficiency improvement. The comprehensive energy consumption of single pallet can be saved by 5-10% and that of double pallets can be reduced by 10-20%.

+ Kaidi II high efficiency desulfurization and dust removal tray technology, small wear, no clogging, no vulnerable parts, to ensure long-term stable and efficient operation of absorption tower;

+ Eliminate flue gas escape and realize deep desulfurization.

+ High efficiency single tower can achieve the desulfurization effect of conventional series tower with low investment cost.

+ The desulfurization efficiency can reach over 99%.

+ SO can be reduced to minimum 20 mg/Nm3.

Key Technology

+ On the basis of single pallet, double pallets, special-shaped pallets and their different combinations of pallets were developed to adapt to the deep desulfurization of different sulfur content.

+ The use of new high-performance nozzles increases the effective spray coverage by more than three times and enhances the absorption effect;

+ Multiple measures to suppress flue gas deviation can eliminate the influence of deviation on deep desulfurization.

+ Computer simulation technology is applied to achieve perfect fluidity of the whole flue gas.

+ The combined tower adopts the optimum classification efficiency, controls the optimum PH value, and achieves the high-efficiency absorption of SO.

Scope of Application

+ Deep desulfurization of newly built power plants;

+ Deep desulfurization retrofit project of power plant;

+ High efficiency dust removal projects of flue gas in petrochemical, metallurgical and iron and steel industries.