High-efficiency Dust Removal Technology

Technical Introduction

KDPE Generation II efficient desulfurization and dust removal tray tower technology is adopted to improve the collection efficiency of fine dust remarkably, and the flue gas field in the tower is reconstructed by computer simulation technology, intelligent flow field calculation software package for nozzles, special-shaped perforated tray technology, air redistribution device technology and absorption tower integration technology. Ensure that the smoke and dust meet the emission standards and meet the latest emission standards. The smoke and dust concentration is less than 5mg/Nm3.

Main Advantages

+ The dust concentration is less than 5 mg/Nm3.

+ Dust removal efficiency can reach more than 80%.

+ Efficient removal of PM2.5;

+ The energy consumption of the device is low.

+ The quantity of project implementation is small and the construction period is short.

+ The system is simple.

Key Technology

+ The removal rate of PM2.5 can reach more than 70% by using Kaidill tray tower technology for high efficiency desulfurization and dust removal.

+ We independently developed a tray tower dust removal calculation software package to realize the quantitative calculation of dust removal under multilateral boundary conditions.

+ The slurry particle size was reduced by 30% with high performance nozzle, and the dust trapping efficiency was improved.

+ Through computer simulation technology, the dynamic field of dust removal reaction is optimized to achieve high efficiency and deep dust removal.

+ High performance mist eliminator is used to reduce droplets at outlet and solid carrying.

Scope of Application

+ High efficiency dust removal project for newly built power plants;

+ High efficiency dust removal retrofit project of power plant;

+ High efficiency dust removal projects of flue gas in petrochemical, metallurgical and iron and steel industries