Vertical Airflow WESP & Horizontal Airflow WESP

Technical Introduction

Wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) after desulfurization device; can effectively collect fine particulate matter (PM2.5. SO, aerosol), heavy metals (Hg. As), organic pollutants (dioxin, etc.). The removal efficiency of SO and dust which are difficult to be removed in the absorption tower is more than 90%. Suitable for projects using different fuels (common coal, high sulfur coal, petroleum coke, auri oil, etc.). It has broad prospects in the field of flue gas management.

Key Technology

+ After the wet ESP is placed in the desulfurization device, the dust is charged mainly by high-voltage corona discharge, and the charged dust reaches the dust collecting plate under the action of electric field force.

+ Different from the traditional electrostatic precipitator (ESP) by mechanical vibration or sound wave cleaning, wet ESP washes electrodes with scouring fluid, forming a continuous liquid film on the plate to clean the dust with the flow of the scouring fluid.

+ The optimum voltage automatic control system (so-300i) is specially designed to improve the effect and efficiency of wet electrostatic precipitation.

+ The application of computer simulation technology to achieve perfect flue gas flow field to meet the high requirement of flow field uniformity of ESP