core technology


Vertical Vertical Airflow Integration WESP. Horizontal Horizontal Airflow WESP

Technical Introduction

Wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP after desulfurization device; can effectively collect fine particulate matter (PM2.5. SO,, aerosol), heavy metals (Hg. As), organic pollutants (dioxin, etc.); which is more difficult to remove so in absorption tower. The efficiency of dust removal is above 90%. It is suitable for projects with different fuels (ordinary coal, high sulfur coal, petroleum coke, Orimul oil, etc.). It has broad prospects in the field of flue gas treatment.

key technology

+ After the wet ESP is placed in the desulfurization device, the dust is charged mainly by high-voltage corona discharge, and the charged dust reaches the dust collecting plate under the action of electric field force.

+ Different from the traditional electrostatic precipitator (ESP) by mechanical vibration or sound wave cleaning, wet ESP washes electrodes with scouring fluid, forming a continuous liquid film on the plate to clean the dust with the flow of the scouring fluid.

+ The optimum voltage automatic control system (so-300i) is specially designed to improve the effect and efficiency of wet electrostatic precipitation.

+ The application of computer simulation technology to achieve perfect flue gas flow field to meet the high requirement of flow field uniformity of ESP