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Wet Electrostatic Precipitation Technology

Main advantages

+ It can control the condensate of the desulfurization tower, compatible with the existing desulfurization tower, and reduce the secondary dust.

+ Has extensive experience in WESP design, manufacturing and operation, including integrated WESP and stand-alone horizontal/vertical WESP that can be placed on top of wet absorber tower.

+ Provide a variety of dust collector configuration options, including plate and tube (circular, square, hexagonal/honeycomb);

+ The removal efficiency of so and PM is over 90%. The special working condition can be designed according to 95% or even higher efficiency. The device produces Pb 1 < 5 mg/Nm3.

Scope of application

+ High efficiency dust removal project of newly built/reformed power plant;

+ Flue gas dust removal engineering in petrochemical, metallurgical, iron and steel industries;

+ Acid plants, municipal and toxic waste incineration plants, wood and paper industries, etc.

+ Wet Desulfurizer Suitable for Limestone-gypsum, Ammonia, Magnesium and Double Alkali Process

Ultra-low particulate matter emission at the end of the process.