Ammonia-based FGD Technology

Ammonia-based FGD technology (AS-WFGD) uses liquid ammonia or ammonia water to remove SO2 from flue gas and produce high quality ammonium sulfate [(NH4)2so4]. AS-WFGD

It is not suitable for SO2 removal from tail gas of large thermal power units, petroleum and chemical enterprises burning low-cost and high-sulfur fuels. While using ammonia or waste ammonia water to desulfurize, it produces high-quality and high-purity ammonium sulfate, which gradually becomes the mainstream technology for comprehensive utilization of flue gas desulfurization circular economy in large projects.


+ The technology is mature, and the only ammonia desulfurization technology successfully used in 500 B 1W flue gas volume.

+ The desulfurization tower is not easy to scale.

+ The range of sulfur content in fuel is adaptable, especially for desulfurization of high sulfur coal, heavy oil and petroleum coke.

+ Complete resources turn waste into treasure, turn harm into benefit, no secondary pollution;

+ The by-product of desulfurization is ammonium sulfate, which can be widely used as fertilizer and has high utilization value.

+ The escape rate of NH3 is low, < 10 ppm.

+ The desulfurization efficiency is generally higher than 98%.

+ The system is simple.

+ Absorbent utilization rate is high.

+ The equipment occupies less land and is easy to be reformed.

+ The optimized ultra-clean ammonia desulfurization process meets the ultra-low emission requirements of Sox and PM.



      System Composition

      + Absorbent Storage and Transportation System

      + Fume system

      +Absorption system

      + Ammonium sulfate dehydration and drying system

      + Process water system

      + Compressed air system

      Recommended Scope of Application

      + 50MW and above new large or medium-sized units;

      + Desulfurization of city gas installations;

      + Sulfur content of fuel is between 0 5 ~ 5%.

      + Desulfurization in the process of oil refinery;

      + The required desulfurization efficiency is above 98%;

      + There are fertilizer plants producing synthetic ammonia or chemical and petrochemical and other companies producing  ammonia by-products in the surrounding area of the plant

      + Saline-alkali area power plant.